Louis & Steen's New Orleans Coffeehouse

If you didn't catch our first television ad premiere on OURNews, fear not. Here it is! Thank you to all who participated in this production! A special thank you to our team Jiggy Productions and Davrielle Burrows, your creativity and professionalism made our world-wind day of shooting a breeze. . . Thank you: Vernique Henfield, Pavlina Rodgers, Maria Ageeb, Ife Bethel-Sears, Pursenal ParaDiyse, Khairos Kandles, Fine Ocean Jewellery, Crachad Laing, Clarence Carvel, Zeleka Yeraswork Knowles, Willis Knowles, Amanda Marray, Werner Gruner and all who participated!

Posted by Louis & Steen's New Orleans Coffeehouse on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Say What?  Experience New Orleans in The Bahamas?  "It's for real yawl"; Louis & Steen's, the "first" authentically Creole and Cajun Specialty Coffeehouse, serving freshly roasted coffee beans from the countries of origin.  Combine this with Creole and Cajun breakfast and lunch, and you're in for a tantalizing experience!  

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